CleanTech Recruitment

RWA has a keen interest in, and knowledge of, the CleanTech recruitment sector and partners with pioneering cleantech companies working in the areas of:

  • Clean Energy
  • Smart Buildings
  • Energy Management
  • Smart Metering Systems
  • Air and Environmental Management
  • Smart Cities
  • cleantech Data Analytics
  • Renewable Energy

RWA is a little bit different and we think the candidates you are looking for are just a little bit different too. We know that quite apart from looking for a seriously skilled Engineer, Developer, Data Scientist, Project Manager, Technical Consultant or Senior Executive, in addition, every candidate must share your passion for clean technology, be highly motivated self-starters and well-rounded people.

This is a growing sector. To meet the challenges of urbanisation, scarce resources, climate change, energy security and a steadily growing global population, the cleantech sector will need to recruit smart people.  And that’s exactly what RWA has been engaged in since 1987.

World Class Clients

Typical of our clients in the cleantech field is PassivSystems, a Global cleantech 100 company and Red Herring Global Finalist with one of the most technologically advanced and affordable Home Energy Management Systems in the world.

Richard Wheeler

Richard Wheeler is a leading recruiter with 30 years’ experience. He knows how to identify excellent hires, how to sell the benefits of working for a cleantech company and how to talk to other humans. Crucially, he also knows the industry inside out.

Here at RWA all things cleantech have moved to the next level, quite literally.  Richard lives in an old watermill which he is in the process of restoring and converting from its original raison-d’etre - that of harnessing the power of water for grinding flour - to a hydro electric power scheme providing electricity for the house.  At the time of writing the 9 foot undershot wheel has been duly restored with all the necessary turbine wheels/drives in place; just the small matter of the hydro….and clearing several hundred yards of leat!

CleanTech Recruitment Testimonials

Richard Wheeler Associates provide us with a steady stream of high quality candidates – which means we can fill our vacancies in a timely fashion, and we don’t have to deal with any other agency!

Pete Roberts, Director, Device Engineering, PassivSystems
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What Is The Joel Test And How Valuable Is It?

The Joel Test was created in August 2000 by Joel Spolsky, a Software Developer from New York City, who is a founder and CEO of Stack Overflow, creator of Trello project management software, and ex-Microsoft employee.

The test is designed to rate the quality of a software team, all in about 3 minutes! It consists of 12 ‘Yes / No’ questions that are intended to be quick and simple to answer.

A team is given 1 point for each ‘Yes’ answer - the higher the score the better. So a score of 12 is perfect and means that you have an effective, disciplined team that can deliver. Of course the test evaluates the software team and not the software, so you can have a perfect score and still produce an unsuccessful end product.

Weaker Pound Secures Record Investment in UK Tech Sector

Fast-growing UK tech companies secured a record £5.5bn in foreign investment in the first seven months of this year, according to research for the government’s digital economy council. The study for the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) revealed that the UK has overtaken the US for the amount of investment per capita.

Funding growth was driven by US and Asian investment in private companies valued at more than $1bn, such as a renewable energy company Ovo Energy and takeaway business Deliveroo.

Migration Advisory Committee Report Implications For Tech Talent

A recent report ‘EEA Migration in the UK’ published by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) recommended that there should be no preferential access to the UK for EU citizens post Brexit.

The report was commissioned to provide evidence for the design of a new migration system and found that there is evidence that immigration has, on average, a positive impact on productivity; some evidence that this impact is larger for high-skilled migrants than lower-skilled migrants and that high-skilled immigrants increase innovation.

CleanTech Momentum – The Growth Of Digital

BP has announced plans to invest US$500 million (£358.5 million) in low carbon businesses each year as it looks to further embrace the low carbon transition.

The oil and gas giant has just reported its 2017 financial performance - a full year underlying profit of US$6.2 billion - allowing the firm to continue with its five-year strategic plan to embrace the energy transition.  The investment commitment mirrors Shell’s recent plans to invest as much as US$2 billion per year in low carbon development.


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