CleanTech Recruitment

RWA has a keen interest in, and knowledge of, the CleanTech recruitment sector and partners with pioneering cleantech companies working in the areas of:

  • Clean Energy
  • Smart Buildings
  • Energy Management
  • Smart Metering Systems
  • Air and Environmental Management
  • Smart Cities
  • cleantech Data Analytics
  • Renewable Energy

RWA is a little bit different and we think the candidates you are looking for are just a little bit different too. We know that quite apart from looking for a seriously skilled Engineer, Developer, Data Scientist, Project Manager, Technical Consultant or Senior Executive, in addition, every candidate must share your passion for clean technology, be highly motivated self-starters and well-rounded people.

This is a growing sector. To meet the challenges of urbanisation, scarce resources, climate change, energy security and a steadily growing global population, the cleantech sector will need to recruit smart people.  And that’s exactly what RWA has been engaged in since 1987.

World Class Clients

Typical of our clients in the cleantech field is PassivSystems, a Global cleantech 100 company and Red Herring Global Finalist with one of the most technologically advanced and affordable Home Energy Management Systems in the world.

Richard Wheeler

Richard Wheeler is a leading recruiter with 30 years’ experience. He knows how to identify excellent hires, how to sell the benefits of working for a cleantech company and how to talk to other humans. Crucially, he also knows the industry inside out.

Here at RWA all things cleantech have moved to the next level, quite literally.  Richard lives in an old watermill which he is in the process of restoring and converting from its original raison-d’etre - that of harnessing the power of water for grinding flour - to a hydro electric power scheme providing electricity for the house.  At the time of writing the 9 foot undershot wheel has been duly restored with all the necessary turbine wheels/drives in place; just the small matter of the hydro….and clearing several hundred yards of leat!

CleanTech Recruitment Testimonials

Richard Wheeler Associates provide us with a steady stream of high quality candidates – which means we can fill our vacancies in a timely fashion, and we don’t have to deal with any other agency!

Pete Roberts, Director, Device Engineering, PassivSystems
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AI’s Impact on UK Jobs In The Future #2

The CBI is calling on the government to establish a joint commission tasked with examining the impact of AI on people and jobs across all sectors of the UK economy.

Based on research it conducted into the way that technology is changing the way we live and work, the CBI said recently that it had identified three technologies - AI, Blockchain and the Internet of Things - that are set to move from the fringes to the mainstream within the next five years.

However, it also found, that only a third of businesses currently have the skills and capabilities needed to adopt AI technologies, and that more needs to be done to help prepare those companies for the future.

UK Tech Start-up Landscape - Autumn 2017

Not only has the decision to leave the European Union not dented London’s start-up scene, it seems to have actually widened its lead as Europe’s leading fundraising destination.

According to a report from CB Insights, U.K. start-ups attracted $3.02 billion in venture capital in the third quarter. That’s a bit below the peak reached in Q4 2016, when U.K. start-ups attracted $3.5 billion.  But it’s more than triple the amount raised one year ago, and the third straight quarter-over-quarter increase.  The positive results were driven by six companies that raised rounds larger than $100 million in the quarter. 

Richard Wheeler Associates: Now is the Time to Partner with a Consultancy

RWA is open and is a firm with ideas - with new hiring options and tailored recruitment solutions to complement what you already do. 

Are your current recruitment strategies delivering the results your business needs? Or fast enough? We recognise that hiring post BREXIT is harder for tech businesses, especially those located outside London. Hiring has not been put on hold and job advertising activity has not reduced. 

The Clean Energy New Economic Revolution

So, a couple of months after the momentous public and private sector commitments involving billionaire movers and shakers such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Reid Hoffman, Jeff Bezosh and other high-profile entrepreneurs to pledge to spark a “new economic revolution” based around clean energy through launching a new investment drive for renewables…’s instructive to look back and reflect on the issues - and exactly what was agreed.

Startup Recruitment - Sponsorship

It is paramount for startups to hire talented people who want to work hard to build something from the ground up. However, the costs of sourcing and hiring a Developer or Software Engineer in the UK, especially in London, can be high, so many founders end up outsourcing the work to remote contractors based offshore.

Startups can look to India, Spain, China or many remote locations to get a job done but that doesn’t replace an in-house team of permanent hires with a shared vision for the longer term.

The Future for Smart Cities

With a global population explosion underway and increasing numbers of people migrating to urban centres, some argue that cities will have to get smarter or face collapse.  Which is why, according to industry analysts, the “smart city” will represent a $39.5bn (£25.1bn) marketplace by 2016.

Whole new cities, such as Songdo in South Korea, have already been constructed according to this template. Its buildings have automatic climate control and computerised access; its roads and water, waste and electricity systems are dense with electronic sensors to enable the city’s brain to track and respond to the movement of residents. But such places retain an eerie and half-finished feel to visitors – which perhaps shouldn’t be altogether surprising.

Women in IT Careers - The Gender Gap

The UK faces a worsening gender gap in its flourishing IT industry, according to a new study.

The Women in IT scorecard looked at gender trends from secondary education through to the work place.

It indicates women account for just 16% of the UK IT workforce.  And the problem starts early - despite consistently out-performing boys in computing A-level results, girls account for just 6.5% of those taking the exam.


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