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Richard Wheeler Associates first began working in the Mobile Software Recruitment space back in the late 90s recruiting for pioneering companies in the field such as Peramon Technology, Intuwave and Mobile Innovation. 

Unsurprisingly, we’ve made this focus a priority of our business ever since. Such experience has provided us with:

  • a thorough grasp of mobile technologies, how they’ve evolved, their relationship to each other and how they can used in tandem with software engineering and nuts-and-bolts design

  • a deep awareness of the sector, the main players  their growth strategies and objectives

  • meaningful individual connections built up from the late 90s to the present day enabling us to turn to numerous contacts (including who they also know) for Search & Selection campaigns

  • extreme competence in operating across a disparate range of applications and sectors common to the mobile world

Twenty years is a seriously long time in IT terms and few people would have envisaged in 1999 quite where the mobile technology world would have arrived at today.  New mobile technologies are changing every aspect of the way we do business and live our lives and the pace of development is only set to increase.  

RWA’s clients are innovators and pioneers in, amongst others: mobile payments, medtech, digital marketing, mobile security, augmented reality, m-commerce, mobile messaging, wearable devices, home automation, enterprise mobile management.

Testimonials for our work in this Mobile Software field can be tracked all the way back to the likes of Peramon and Intuwave!  Countless more can be viewed throughout the website.

Mobile Software Recruitment Testimonials

Richard and his team provide a technology Search and Selection service which is second to none. Professional, technically competent and efficient, yet friendly and personal.

Andy Wilde, former VP R&D, Superscape
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Startup Recruitment - Sponsorship

It is paramount for startups to hire talented people who want to work hard to build something from the ground up. However, the costs of sourcing and hiring a Developer or Software Engineer in the UK, especially in London, can be high, so many founders end up outsourcing the work to remote contractors based offshore.

Startups can look to India, Spain, China or many remote locations to get a job done but that doesn’t replace an in-house team of permanent hires with a shared vision for the longer term.

Digital Business Growth - the Thames Valley vs London Tech Clusters

The digital economy in the UK is thriving. The UK-wide nature of the industry was supported by the Tech Nation research report from Tech City UK - the agency originally created by the government to promote the east London tech cluster but which now promotes tech business growth UK-wide.

Using data from fast-rising digital businesses like Duedil and Adzuna, the Tech Nation 2015 report predicts that digital job growth will outperform all other occupation categories by 2020 - with digital employment itself set to grow by 5.4% by 2020.

Job Growth in UK Technology Sector Outstrips National Average

The Tech Monitor UK report has found employment in technology companies is much stronger than the UK-wide employment trend.

The new report by KPMG and Markit on the UK technology sector has used 10 years’ worth of data from the UK Tech Sector Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), up until August 2013, to identify the main UK tech clusters, job hiring trends and how confident UK tech companies are in their business outlook for the next 12 months.

Technology Firms Say The UK Has a 'Digital Skills Gap'

Major technology companies say they are struggling to recruit young people in the UK.  Firms such as Facebook claim they are finding a gap in skills, saying people from other countries are often better qualified.

The government says it is changing the curriculum to focus on programming.  Intellect, the UK's technology trade association, estimates that 100,000 people are needed to enter the digital sector each year.

Andy Wilde, former VP R&D, Superscape

Richard and his team provide a technology Search and Selection service which is second to none. Professional, technically competent and efficient, yet friendly and personal.

It is refreshing in these days of mailshot CVs to receive candidate shortlists comprising high quality applicants, all of whom meet the required standards and could fill the vacant position.


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