€25billion EC Investment Boost to Electronics and Hardware Sectors

Yesterday, the European Commission presented an investment package representing €25 billion over the next seven years for the electronics and hardware sectors.

Cars, planes, trains, medical and health equipment, home appliances, energy networks and security systems will all benefit from advanced European capabilities and capacities to design and manufacture state of the art electronic components and systems.

The new initiative incorporates research and innovation on embedded systems, nano technology and smart systems, and is expected to start in early 2014, bringing together large and small companies, world-class European research and technology organisations and academia.

The main goals of the initiative are:

  • to reverse the decline of the EU's global share in the electronic components and systems area
  • to maintain Europe's leadership in areas as embedded systems, semiconductor equipment and materials supply, the design of complex electronic systems and e.g. energy efficient electronic components
  • to improve the environment, increase energy efficiency, increase security
  • to bring innovations in novel areas as cyber physicals systems
  • to put Europe's best brains together to create effective research and innovation solutions
  • to build on Europe's industrial landscape by supporting innovative SMEs and strengthening clusters in promising new areas
  • to underpin the next generation of key technologies supporting innovation through a long-term strategic research and innovation agenda
  • to develop a strategic research and innovation agenda

As Europe's industries face fierce global competition, high research costs and the very fast-pace of technology development, the challenge will be cooperation, pooling of resources and building on expertise to bring research faster to market and stimulate demand for European produced electronic components and systems.