Startups: Offline Networking vs Digital Marketing

Over the last five years Britain has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the world's leaders in tech innovation. Whether it's government support of small startups, or the huge array of brands emerging from Old Street and Silicon Roundabout; Britain is nurturing startups to become big successes.

Tech City has become a mecca for Designers, Developers and Software Engineers who are flocking to the capital to create new systems and drive new projects which are helping to re-establish the UK as a leader in the digital economy. These companies are not only creating jobs and driving significant domestic growth, they're attracting considerable international interest, as we see UK startups breaking into global markets. 

Despite these new opportunities however, fledgling startups in London and across the world often make one mistake that could very well cost them success. In failing to recognise the importance of the offline network -- by neglecting to meet with your contemporaries and future customers in real life, not just in real-time -- companies are overlooking a key strategic area. By over-focusing on digital marketing, startups all too often are overlooking opportunities to make a much bigger impact through offline channels.

New startups may be in a business that constantly has digital at front of mind, but despite this, no online tool can compare to the power of face-to-face human relationships.