Our Services

Richard Wheeler Associates (RWA) specialises in technical IT recruitment for a core client base in the Home Counties and London, though is frequently engaged by wider EU/US-based clients seeking bridgehead partners elsewhere in the UK and Ireland.

Founded on over 30 years’ experience of emerging and leading-edge technologies, RWA has built a gilt-edged reputation and demonstrable record for tracking down scarce talent at the most challenging end of the market.

Clients are market leading, often pioneering, world class technology-oriented businesses operating in AI, Mobile Software, cyber security, Data Analytics or the cleantech sectors.

Central to RWA’s reputation as a leading cyber security Recruitment consultancy has been our work partnering with pioneering, often best-of-class clients recruiting top drawer cyber security / information security professionals.   Further, in 2020 the nature of such work now dovetails seamlessly with separate RWA technology specialisms within mobile payments, smartphone security, mobile device forensics, home automation etc.

Richard Wheeler Associates first began working in the Mobile Software Recruitment space back in the late 90s recruiting for pioneering companies in the field such as Peramon Technology, Intuwave and Mobile Innovation. 

Unsurprisingly, we’ve made this focus a priority of our business ever since. Such experience has provided us with:

  • a thorough grasp of mobile technologies, how they’ve evolved, their relationship to each other and how they can used in tandem with software engineering and nuts-and-bolts design

  • a deep awareness of the sector, the main players  their growth strategies and objectives

  • meaningful individual connections built up from the late 90s to the present day enabling us to turn to numerous contacts (including who they also know) for Search & Selection campaigns

  • extreme competence in operating across a disparate range of applications and sectors common to the mobile world

RWA has a keen interest in, and knowledge of, the CleanTech recruitment sector and partners with pioneering cleantech companies working in the areas of:

  • Clean Energy
  • Smart Buildings
  • Energy Management
  • Smart Metering Systems
  • Air and Environmental Management
  • Smart Cities
  • cleantech Data Analytics
  • Renewable Energy

RWA is a little bit different and we think the candidates you are looking for are just a little bit different too. We know that quite apart from looking for a seriously skilled Engineer, Developer, Data Scientist, Project Manager, Technical Consultant or Senior Executive, in addition, every candidate must share your passion for clean technology, be highly motivated self-starters and well-rounded people.

Richard Wheeler Associates is a leading startup recruitment company with a particular understanding of the dynamic culture and commercial demands within the high tech startup / incubator community. We are accustomed to working with Tech Startups located across different countries and time zones - startups looking to recruit developers that could be based anywhere.  

Since 1987 we have played a pivotal role partnering UK high tech companies setting up for the first time, together with US companies expanding into the EU. Such relationships have proved enduring.