Startup Recruitment

Richard Wheeler Associates is a leading startup recruitment company with a particular understanding of the dynamic culture and commercial demands within the high tech startup / incubator community. We are accustomed to working with Tech Startups located across different countries and time zones - startups looking to recruit developers that could be based anywhere.  

Since 1987 we have played a pivotal role partnering UK high tech companies setting up for the first time, together with US companies expanding into the EU. Such relationships have proved enduring.

Through partnering with RWA over the longer term such companies have successfully built and grown their businesses from the ground up. Successfully identifying the perfect candidate is no fluke; we have the skills and contacts to hit the ground running yet the closer and longer we work with our clients the better tuned such skills become.  

Clients include the likes of:

  • PassivSystems
  • iOra
  • Veeemotion
  • Ardenta
  • Osirium
  • Ecrebo
  • Flexeye
  • Supersolid
  • Gotham Digital Science
  • Oregan Networks
  • Secerno (now Oracle-Secerno)
  • Rovi
  • Content Technologies (now Clearswift)
  • Flexera Software
  • Superscape (now GluMobile)
  • McAfee
  • Insignia Solutions (now Myriad Group)

Hiring Top Talent

Hiring the top talent (and at a competitive rate) remains one of the biggest challenges for IT startups.  RWA is aware of how critical the first employees are to the success of a business and works in partnership with founders / CTO’s to source the top talent.

There are many benefits for candidates to joining a startup.  A few of these are:

  1. The people you work with will be some of the smartest you have ever met
  2. You will be an important member of the team and your ideas and input will make a measurable difference
  3. You will gain vast experience and exposure regardless of how much you have when you join
  4. If you have the capacity to learn (and learn fast) there is no better place to be than a company with the potential for rapid growth
  5. You will be a part of a tight knit workforce and collaborative tech start-up culture with all the fun and sense of pride and achievement that entails
  6. Startups have less bureaucracy due to a relatively flat organisational structure which will allow your ideas to be progressed rapidly
  7. You are much more likely to know exactly how you are making a difference and affecting the success of the company
  8. Jam tomorrow.  Joining a start-up pre IPO could - just could - make you seriously rich!
  9. ‘See the world’!  We don’t necessarily mean globally, but in business terms how and why things happen; working closely with BA’s, Marketing, Pre- and Post-Sales etc will provide this valuable insight
  10. Tech start-ups regularly create jobs that hitherto didn’t exist; in short, they’re business savvy and flexible enough to move on Top Talent when they come across it. YOU?!  

What Is The Joel Test And How Valuable Is It?

The Joel Test was created in August 2000 by Joel Spolsky, a Software Developer from New York City, who is a founder and CEO of Stack Overflow, creator of Trello project management software, and ex-Microsoft employee.

The test is designed to rate the quality of a software team, all in about 3 minutes! It consists of 12 ‘Yes / No’ questions that are intended to be quick and simple to answer.

A team is given 1 point for each ‘Yes’ answer - the higher the score the better. So a score of 12 is perfect and means that you have an effective, disciplined team that can deliver. Of course the test evaluates the software team and not the software, so you can have a perfect score and still produce an unsuccessful end product.

Weaker Pound Secures Record Investment in UK Tech Sector

Fast-growing UK tech companies secured a record £5.5bn in foreign investment in the first seven months of this year, according to research for the government’s digital economy council. The study for the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) revealed that the UK has overtaken the US for the amount of investment per capita.

Funding growth was driven by US and Asian investment in private companies valued at more than $1bn, such as a renewable energy company Ovo Energy and takeaway business Deliveroo.


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