Now is the Time to Partner with a Top IT Recruiter

Approaching 34 years in IT recruitment at Richard Wheeler Associates, such longevity has been built on extreme quality twinned with a focus on offering employers tailored recruitment solutions to complement what you already do. Adding the power of considerable in-house SEO investment (YES we will attract new names to your hiring project) together with a client focus on quality that aims for ‘an offer for every two CVs shortlisted’.

Recruiting Outside London?

Are your current recruitment strategies delivering the results your business needs? Or fast enough? We recognise that hiring post BREXIT and in these peculiar Covid-19 times has added real challenges for tech businesses, especially those located outside London. Your aim is ‘business as usual’ and this means pushing ahead with demanding growth plans, but hiring IT people with the in-demand technology skills to achieve this high growth will have become more difficult for many.

Much of the noise recently has come from London, including Sadiq Khan’s ‘London Is Open’ campaign to promote the capital against other European rivals, eg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Paris, for the top talent which is mobile and European / global in its perspective. Richard Wheeler Associates works with companies throughout the UK - London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Reading, Oxford - and understands tech recruitment in each location.

Our Hiring Solutions

Our hiring solutions are based on deep experience representing both top flight UK tech companies and equally high calibre candidates; on finding and talking to the right people; on selling your company and what you are building. We offer:

  • quality IT recruitment consultancy
  • long track record of building software teams
  • deeply well connected
  • aware of the marketplace
  • individual tailored solutions

Experience the difference. Whether you have hard to fill IT, AI & Data Analytics, Cyber security, CleanTech vacancies contact us today in complete confidence.